thanks david choe

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when I met Jeremy Fish

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I was about six and swimming at Truman Lake.

Bigity Back…

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ok, well I’ve actually been back for about 3 weeks at this point and its been hot as balls.  Started working again as well, but fuck, I dont wanna talk about that.  Mainly just been doing the usual stuff, drinking here and there, hanging out, taking care of people(in the mafia sense and not in the mafia sense).

Got my bike in order, for the most part. She is beautiful. Got italian flag handlebar tape, gonna get a super sexy white seat.  She rides nice too, although I cant get one of the peddles off so I only have one toe clip peddle.

So I really dont have anything to say.

You guys should come over or come visit it me at work.  Im not saying I will give you coffee but Im not saying I wont………..mmhmm

fuck yeah!

Joe Dino

Coffee Coffee Coffee…

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bout the only thing in my life I can count on…naw im kidding.  So here I am, finally got to Portland.  Currently I am sitting in Backspace, its a nice coffee shop on 5th ave, they’re playing hip-hop and got some good ole espresso so I’m in heaven right now.  Pat and I got into town yesterday after spending a nice in Seaside and going to the beach, we watched a sunset together on the beach…so romantic, haha.

I took a good pic of the sunset with my cell phone but it has sense decided to not work, so I’ve lost a lot of numbers and all that shit.  I got this new go phone which sucks but whatever, it will work.  Contacted a dude about a bike, hope he gets back to me, its way sexy.

Thats about all for now, I’m having a great time, Portland is beautiful and super biker friendly which is great.

Well, wanna party later? deal!!



Wild Wild West

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So I’ve switched to wordpress cause i hear its way better with pictures(andrew told me that) than blogspot.

Well I’m out here, sitting in a starbucks in Tacoma, WA. Its gorgeous out here, trees everywhere, mountains, rain, you’d like it. Haven’t really done too much out here yet as I’ve been in Yakima with my uncle and was laid up in bed for 2 days after getting sick from god know what.

Its nice though, I’m meeting with Pat tonight to go to some show in Olympia and then we’re gonna go camp at the beach and shit. Party Hardy!!!!

Well thats about all for now, miss everyone tons.

So I leave you with this: